Vaccinations Increasing

88 percent of 1-year-old children in the world today are vaccinated against some disease according to the World Health Organization. Factfulness rounded it down to 80 percent to avoid overstating progress.

The vaccines that reached most 1-year-olds worldwide in 2016 are:

  • BCG (Tuberculosis): 88%
  • DTP3 (Diphtheria tetanus toxoid and pertussis): 86%
  • MCV1 (Measles, 1st dose): 85%
  • Pol3 (Polio): 85%
  • HepB3 (Hepatitis B): 84%
  • PAB (Neonatal tetanus): 84%
  • Hib3 (Haemophilus influenzae type b): 70%
  • MCV2 (Measles, 2nd dose): 64%
  • PCV3 (Pneumococcal conjugate): 42%
  • RotaC (Rotavirus): 15%

The estimate for immunization coverage of the vaccine against TB is based on Global Health Observatory data from the WHO. For vaccination data by category, see WHO.

Even in Afghanistan, more than 60 percent of the one-year-olds today have received multiple vaccinations. None of these vaccines existed when the United States and Europe were on Income Level 1 or 2.   That is part of the reason why lives were shorter in North America and Europe back then.

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