Deaths Declining

The correct answer is C. Annual deaths from natural disasters have decreased by 75 percent over the past 100 years, according to the International Disaster Database.

Since disasters vary from year to year, Factfulness compares ten-year averages. In the last ten years (2007–2016), an average of 80,386 people were killed by natural disasters per year.

100 years earlier (1907–1916), an average of 325,742 people were killed by natural disasters per year.

People today have a whopping 75% less chance of being killed by a natural disaster than their grand-parents or great grand-parents.

The International Disaster Database includes death toll estimates for 8,969 disasters recorded worldwide since 1900. All known emergency events have been categorized as follows: Animal accident, Complex disasters, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic, Extreme temperature, Flood, Fog, Impact, Insect infestation, Landslide, Mass movement (dry), Storm, Volcanic activity, Wildfires.

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