Mega Misconceptions + Dramatic Instincts

and how they distort our worldview

Factfulness author Hans Rosling was committed to hunting down and stamping out what he referred to as mega-misconceptions.

Mega misconceptions are our dramatic instincts that alter the way we perceive the world. These dramatic instincts cause most of us to be pessimistic about the future.

We believe the world is getting worse even though the opposite is true: the world is getting better. Empirical evidence demonstrates that global poverty is plummeting, child mortality is declining, and access to education is on the rise. Yet, most of us still feel pessimistic about the future.

The World is Improving

but that's not what we believe

We Can Still do Better

To emphasize the positive is not to diminish or ignore the suffering that still exists. It’s not much consolation to a Yemeni family caught up in civil war to know that global living standards are on the rise. Knowing that the world is on a positive trajectory shouldn't make us complacent.  The risks of environmental degradation, financial collapse, and military confrontation are real. As a global society, we need to work together to assure that the world continues to improve.

The Real Worries

  1. Global pandemic
  2. Financial Collapse
  3. World War III
  4. Climate Change
  5. Extreme Poverty

Factfulness can help us think better about statistical claims and develop a fact-based worldview. That way we can focus our energies on tackling the most serious problems that our planet faces.